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7 Pre-Med Blogs and Podcasts You Need to Know About

premed blogs and podcasts

Applying to Medical School can be a complicated process. While staying on track with a medical school application timeline can help keep things organized, you'll also want to stay on top of these valuable pre-med blogs and podcasts that provide a steady stream of useful information.

Whether you're applying to medical school straight out of college or later in life, these are the pre-med blogs and podcasts you should be bookmarking.

1. Andrea Tooley, M.D. – An ophthalmology resident at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Tooley enjoys helping students with their journey towards medical school. In her blogs, Dr. Tooley talks about life as a pre-med, MCAT studying, the medical school interview process, as well as the type of characteristics and experiences that medical schools are looking for in applicants. Dr. Tooley’s blogs also detail her own diet, exercise, and marriage experience while in medical school with the hopes of inspiring future medical students to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Dr. Tooley’s comprehensive YouTube channel mimics her digital content, and details all different types of medical specialties that students might be interested in.

2. Kevin – We’ve all heard of Kevin M.D., but what does this site actually do? Is this a doctor similar to Ask Jeeves? (#tbt) Employing over 2,000 primary care doctors, surgeons, specialists, nurses, medical students, policy experts, and patients, Kevin M.D. offers articles, opinion pieces, and links to videos and novels about the healthcare industry as a whole. The site is unique in that it discusses the benefits of social media in medicine and details ways for physicians to use media outlets to help patients locate reliable information. It also suggests ways for patients to better communicate issues with the healthcare system to the public to foster change more effectively.

3. Medical School Admissions Doctor – A great resource published by U.S. News & World Report (so we know its legit). This site contains a ton of different articles written by well-respected healthcare professionals and other experts. I wish I knew about this site when I applied.

4. Get into Medical School – The title says it all. The first person narrative style of this blog gives it a very personal feel, which provides a sense of comfort during a very stressful time. The blog’s condensed writing style breaks down what you need to do to be a successful applicant and why, which is helpful for retaining the mass amount of information that the process requires. The site’s blogger offers the best guides, podcasts, blog posts, strategies, rants, and tips for pre-meds to reach their goal of getting into medical school.

5. The Premed Years – two-time Academy of Podcasters Award nominee, this podcast series seeks to bring valuable information to premed students. These episodes are free of charge and are available on iTunes, Android, and Google Play Music. These episodes detail a plethora of different topics, which I know would have been helpful to me when I applied. They include interviews with deans of medical schools, chats with trusted, valuable advisors and up-to-date news. They include information that will help students figure out the medical school requirements as well as answer the hard questions during interviews. These videos help explain what getting a “good” MCAT score actually means, explain what AMCAS, AAMC and all the rest of the acronyms are, and many, many more. Check out Drs. Ryan and Allison Gray’s comprehensive podcast collection!

6. PreMedLife – One of the only blogs to voice pre-meds themselves, PreMedLife. showcases a unique perspective from which pre-meds can learn from their likeminded peers. This online magazine also encourages guest “expert” contributors such as medical students, residents, practicing physicians, advisors, and deans to share their tips and advice on the application process with pre-meds. In addition to blog posts, PreMedLife. provides relevant news articles, which detail hot topics that are of interest to the pre-med community. Some examples include changes in the MCAT and the diversity gap in medicine.

7. Accepted – I must admit, I totally lived off Accepted when I was applying to medical school. This site offers applicants a plethora of resources to help guide them through the entire application process – from the primary application all the way through the interviews and the waitlist. What makes Accepted so unique is that the site provides real life examples of primary and secondary essays for students to reference. Accepted not only provides one post per topic, but rather, introduces a collection of blogs and articles on a topic so that readers can have a more complete picture of different aspects of the application process.

Know of any great pre-med resources we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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