School List


Choosing the correct schools to which to apply is one of the most important factors in the application process. Many schools have a strong preference towards in-state students,while others do not consider out-of-state students whatsoever. Certain schools also give preference to certain racial or ethnic groups, have a mission statement geared toward specific religious faiths, or prefer students with strong backgrounds in research. This leads many applicants to waste hundreds of dollars on applications to schools into which they never had a chance to matriculate. Many applicants also over or under-estimate their GPA and MCAT scores, and apply to too many schools outside of their target range. Applying to schools where the average stats are too far above or below your own can be equally detrimental. 


After years of assisting applicants with their applications to medical schools, we have acquired an in-depth understanding of each school's geographical, statistical, and personal preferences for their applicants. We will examine your scores and experiences and help you determine which, and how many, schools to which you should apply. We have access to the Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR), which displays the in-depth statistics of each matriculating class at each school. We use a proprietary statistical formula, based on experiences with past applicants and your personal preferences on cost, location, and curriculum, to help build the perfect school list for getting the medical education of your dreams.

Personal Statement


The personal statement is your main opportunity to show that you are more than just test scores. With tens of thousands of applicants, many with outstanding academic records, medical schools must dig deeper than numbers to find outstanding candidates. You must put time and effort into your personal statement to ensure that medical schools will pull your application out of the large stacks of files that build up in their offices each year. 


Here at MD or Bust, we will ensure that your personal statement does just that. Our experts on staff will help you craft the perfect essay. We will assist in choosing your topic, and telling your story in a captivating manner. Our staff is always available to answer your questions and will help you perfect your statement from start to finish. Before submitting your AMCAS application, your personal statement will have already passed in front of the eyes of multiple insiders, both with a medical and non-medical background, who have had direct experience selecting top-notch candidates for medical school admissions.


AMCAS Application / Activities


The AMCAS application has many different components, and it is important that every box on the application is filled out properly. However, the most important aspect is the Activities section. This is your opportunity to discuss all that you have accomplished outside of the classroom. Medical schools want to fill their classes with applicants that have diverse backgrounds and unique experiences. You want to use this opportunity to show them what qualities you are going to bring to their class, other than academic prowess.


We will review your entire AMCAS application and ensure that it is filled out completely and correctly. We will also help to make sure that your activity section is composed properly, and that each one of your descriptions shows how that activity will contribute to your career in medicine. This section gives a ton of additional space to present yourself as an applicant, and we can help you take advantage and better your chance at admittance. Which activities you select as “most meaningful”, and how you present your accomplishments, have a large effect on how medical schools will perceive you.

Secondary Applications


Writing does not end with your personal statement. The essays you must write for your secondary applications are just as important as your personal statement, and you will have much less time to prepare them. The secondary application questions are opportunities for you to show each school why you are a good fit for their program. The schools are looking for specific information from each candidate, and choose the questions they ask accordingly. With the strict word limits on secondary essays, sometimes you cannot afford to waste a single character.   


Our team will help you craft a clear and concise essay that answers the specific questions the school is asking. After helping to write hundreds of secondary essays, our staff can decipher questions and determine exactly what schools are looking for. We can then ensure that each of your secondary applications is tailored to the desires of that specific school, and portray you as the ideal applicant.



Even if you studied hard, have a killer GPA and MCAT score, and put a ton of time into your application essays, you still have to ace your interview to gain admittance to medical school. The interview is the school's chance to see if you are truly cracked up to be the ideal applicant that your application says you are. It is also their chance to make sure that, in addition to having the academic capabilities to thrive in medical school, you also have the compassion and communication skills required to deliver quality medical care. 


Our staff has formulated the perfect strategy to perfecting your interviewing skills. You will be able to have mock interviews with multiple members of our experienced staff who have conducted countless such interviews. After your interviews, you will receive an annotated review of your answers and behavior, as well as a full video recording of the interview, so that you can see how you responded under pressure and help rehearse in a more targeted fashion. We even have an MMI mock interview option, which imitates the paradigm shift that many medical schools are making in their interview process. You CAN prepare for your interviews. With our help, you can improve your interviewing etiquette and body language, as well as formulate answers to display your personality while answering the way the interviewers expect you to answer.

Update Letters / Letters of Intent


Once your application has been submitted and you have attended your interviews, your job is still not done. Many medical students are not accepted outright, but rather are admitted off of a waitlist. Medical schools cannot afford to accept more students than for whom they have seats, but many of the students they accept end up attending other schools, so their solution is the waitlist. Many applicants are placed on the waitlist, and then get acceptance calls when spots open up in the spring.  In order to ensure that your name is selected come springtime, it is important to stay in contact with your schools and update them on your application. 


We can help you construct meaningful update letters that will remind schools about what makes you a unique applicant. It may also help to send your first choice a letter of intent, stating that if you are accepted, you will attend their program. This will show your commitment toward the schools, and help assure them that they will not be wasting an acceptance letter. A perfectly worded formal update letter or letter of intent could be a difference maker in your application cycle.