"No matter where I end up, I just want to let you know that I couldn’t have done this without the support of MD or Bust. Last year at this time, I never could’ve dreamed that I would be admitted into my first choice medical school or that I would be in a position to be turning down interviews at great schools. You two (Peter and Derek), Ryan and Chrystal spent so much time helping me edit essays, brainstorm ideas, come up with lists of schools, answering any questions I could possibly have, zoom video conferencing, preparing me for interviews and more!! Peter, you even met me in person to have a mock interview, which gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. I have felt so much support from you all and I really do appreciate it. I recognize how it got me to where I am. I have only incredible things to say and have already recommended your company to two premed undergrads. While my process, is not completely over yet, I just really wanted to take the time to thank you for the incredible position you have helped me get to!"


New York

"Applying to medical school is a daunting process, and as a re-applicant, I knew that I needed to stand out somehow. With MD or Bust I had a solid plan each step of the way. They proved to be an invaluable resource for interview prep and secondaries. They answered questions that I would not have known where else to turn to for a reliable answer. Working with MD or Bust allowed me to best convey to admissions committees my passion for medicine and the years of hard work I put into preparing for medical school. The results exceeded my expectations, with multiple interviews, and even an acceptance after my very first one."


New York

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